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Our goal is to offer you the product in the best economic conditions. In this sense the card payment greatly simplifies administrative tasks and permit us to offer you a positive impact on the price of the photo book, being therefore the only way of payment. 

Once you have finished your project, just click on the "Order" button and the system will guide yout to the end of the process. Then start sending your file by the Internet to our servers. 

Once you order your photo book, we can´t change anything. The different text, images and background layers are merged into the same picture, so can´t be edited.  We recommend you to check your photo book carefully before sending.

Don´t worry, Hofmann knows how to manage. Just close the program or turn off your PC, then restart Hofmann again. A new pop up will ask you to continue ordering your photo book. Accept and the process will continue at the same point that was interrupted.

Our e-mails confirming that "the order has been well received" or that "the order has been sent" are sent automatically by machines. Therefore some spam filters consider them as spam mail and sent them to a spam folder, delete them or simply block them. In the case you do not receive the e-mail confirmation within 4 hours upon your file sending, kindly check the order status at Digital/My orders.

You only need to write down your e-mail address and your Order No. and you will be able to see your current order status. "In process" status means that your file was well received.

You can order multiple photo books or Hofmann products but always of the same project.

It depends on the number and sizes of the photos and type of Internet connection. It can last with broadband connection between 20 and 40 minutes and with modem one  between one and two hours. It can seem a long time, but, having low flat rates, you can leave the computer connected.


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