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Left button:

  • Double-click over the “Miniature pictures” of the pictures visor to open a preview view of the picture.
  • Double-click over the photo to open the pictures editor (have a look of this section later on).
  • Click over a picture box to make appear the corners nodes and a central cross. Corners nodes let to re-dimension the box by stretching them. The central cross serves to move the box.

Right button:click over a photo, a text box or a background to display a panel with all the available options for this element.

  • Undo: “Undoes” the last action carried out
  • Redo: Recovers the last “undone” action an unlimited number of times.
  • Cut: Copies the selected element and remove it after sticking it
  • Copy: Copies the selected element without removing it.
  • Stick: Sticks the copied or cut element. 
  • Add picture box: allows the addition of new oval or rectangular picture boxes that can be scrolled around the double page by drugging them from the central cross or with the scrolling cursor tapes. To make easier its exact alignment with the existing boxes a red virtual line will appear.
  • Add a text box: allows the addition of new text boxes that could also be scrolled around the double page.
  • Box content edition: opens the picture or text Editor, depending on the content.
  • Box content Removal: Removes box content.
  • Box Removal: removes both the box and its content.
  • Box rotation: allows the inclination of the pictures or text boxes the degrees we desire.
    Take to the front: when pictures are superposed it puts on the front the photo we keep clicking.
  • Edges: allows the addition of a white or coloured edge to the photo with a variable largeness. We recommend this option in cases of dark backgrounds or when different photos are superposed. Click over the photo with the right mouse button and select “Edges”. A window will be opened. Select the colour and largeness of the edges and accept. After that this option will be applied to all the photos placed since then. If we choose the option “no Edges” since that moment photos won’t have edges.
    Shadows: click this option to make appear the controls to orientate, colour and give depth to the shadows.
  • Mask: interesting shapes to the photos edges. This control can be used from the “Mask” tap placed on the lower tools panel.
  • Melted: used to provoke a transition at the selected picture from the opacity to the transparency. It’s very useful to “melt” different photos among them.
  • Turn pictures: to turn the photo 90º on you left or your right, or 180º.
  • Background picture edition: In case we placed a photo as a background, it opens the picture edition to allow its edition. The software backgrounds cannot be edited.
  • Remove background: Removes the existing background.
  • Background colour: opens the colour selector to choose the background colour. Once you selected a colour on the colour spectrum palette consider the arrow on your right, and scroll it vertically to get darker or lighter the selected colour.
  • Go to page: indicate the number of the page you wish to go.
  • Insert page: add two pages before the one you are.
  • Remove page: removes the two open pages and add two blank pages at the end of the photo book.
  • Scroll a page on the left: moves a double page to the left to the desired position.
  • Scroll a page on the right: moves a double page to the right to the desired position.
  • Save template: you could save the designed templates. To have access to them you will have to click on the “My templates” tab, placed next to the “Covers” tab.
  • Number pages: click to this option to open the assistant which allows the numbering of all the photo book pages where you wish.
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