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How to install Hofmann for Mac?

To start designing Hofmann photobooks on your Macintosh you should download Hofmann software by writing your e-mail address in the box required and click "Submit". The screen that you´ll see will look like this:

Descarga Hofmann para mac

Once you have completed and submitted your information, the display will show the download Silverlight image, a browser plugin required to run Hofmann for Mac. Then click on the "Click to install now" button.

 Descarga Silverlight

Once you have downloaded Silverlight, you have to complete the installation. To do this, just click "continue" on the next windows. Finally a window like this one will appear:

 descargar silverlight hofmann para mac

Write down your user name and password and click "OK". At this point start Silverlight installation and once it´s done, the program alerts you with a message that "installation was successful". Click on "Close" button and finally click on "Install":

Instalar Hofmann para mac

In the next window you need to confirm you want to install Hofmann program on your Mac. Click "OK" to start downloading. Once the process finished, this window will appear:

Descarga Hofmann para Mac

Click on "Open the Downloads folder." To start the installation, the program will request your email address. It is very important that you enter the same email you used on the web when you registered. Write it down, click "Next" to start installing. If at this moment a window asks you for the Hofmann registration code write this number 410767 and then click "Next" as shown in the picture.

codigo registro programa hofmann

At this point installation will be ready. For further information check the tutorial Hofmann for Mac.

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