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You can turn your digital classic photobook into a minibook but you have to keep in mind that a minibook can only have a certain number of pages (22, 30, 38 or 46 pages)

To make the change you should only follow these steps:

  • Open your project and make a copy (click on File >>Save as)
  • Now it´s time to convert the photobook. Click on Tools >> Transform into a minibook.
  • By clicking on "Transform into a minibook" the program assistan will be opened, just click on "Next".
  • Accept and save your project.
  • Now that your project is already saved, we should press again on Tools>>Transform into a minibook.

A photo bookin landscape format that lets you see every detail and clarity your pictures! Ideal for horizontal panoramas.

 Landscape photo book

Why buy a Hofmann landscape photo book?
Because you can see your pictures in all its splendor thanks to a new landscape format.

Printed with the latest technology, has been bound with all the care to make your photos look splendid. Solid binding with hard cover and flexible sheets. Glossy.

Use a premium quality paper of 200 g/m2.

29x21 cm. 

From 36.50 euro. Free shipping!! 

The410866Hofmann activation code is necessary to order youralbumdigitalor other Hofmann product and receive them wherever you want.

To get your Hofmann Registration Code you will only need to:

  1. Click “Help” (upper Menu)
  2. Click “Enter registration”


  3. Type the code 410866.
  4. Click “Accept”

    register the program code Hofmann

Once you got the registry code, you can order your photobookand receive it at home or wherever you want.
For further information or questions don’t hesitate to contact us!!

Once you order your photo book, we can´t change anything. The different text, images and background layers are merged into the same picture, so can´t be edited.  We recommend you to check your photo book carefully before sending.

Don´t worry, Hofmann knows how to manage. Just close the program or turn off your PC, then restart Hofmann again. A new pop up will ask you to continue ordering your photo book. Accept and the process will continue at the same point that was interrupted.

Older versions of Internet Explorer or Service Packs on your system can affect the program download. Hofmann software needs Microsoft´s 2.0 .Net Framework to run. So if it is not on your system, try to download automatically and if you have any problem with the Internet connection try to:

  1. Download and install the 2.0 Net Framework by clicking this link or by copying and pasting it into your browser: 
  2. Once the program has been downloaded and installed, re-download and install the Hofmann software. If this fails to resolve the problem, please copy the error message and send it as an attachment to

Our e-mails confirming that "the order has been well received" or that "the order has been sent" are sent automatically by machines. Therefore some spam filters consider them as spam mail and sent them to a spam folder, delete them or simply block them. In the case you do not receive the e-mail confirmation within 4 hours upon your file sending, kindly check the order status at Digital/My orders.

You only need to write down your e-mail address and your Order No. and you will be able to see your current order status. "In process" status means that your file was well received.

Quality over 60% is acceptable in our program. This means that, excepting very small details that are generally unnoticed, the photo will come out well. If you want a 100% for all your photos, you will have to take them with the suitable resolution.


Take a look to this guide :

ResolutionPicture maximum size
1280 x 1000 pixels18 x 14 cm. Valid for 2 photos by page with margins
1600 x 1200 pixels23 x 17 cm. Valid for 2 photos by page without margins.
2000 x 1400 pixels28 x 20 cm. Valid for 1 photo by page without margins.
2300 x 1700 pixels32 x 24 cm. Valid for 1 photo for one and a half page.
2600 x 1900 pixels37 x 27 cm. Valid for double page with margins.
2800 x 2100 pixels40 x 30 cm. Valid for double page without margins.




candado.jpgCredit card payment means a safe and coded connection with La Caixa, one of the main European Banks. Nobody, not even ourselves, can see any data. Once the payment is has been made, the bank informs us if the process runs correctly. This way of payment is certainly less risky than paying by credit card in a shop or in a restaurant.

It´s only possible to pay by Visa or Mastercard, which can be of any banking organization.  The payment by credit card allows an automatic ordering and payment process, which simplifies paperwork and reduce costs. That´s why we can offer you lower prices and start the production immediately once you order your photo book.

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