hofmann for mac tutorial

We are going to explain all the steps to install Hofmann software in the new operating system Mac OS X Mavericks if you use the Safari Browser.

First, click Safari >> Preferences

hofmann para mac


Click by "Security" and then by "manage settings website"

instalación hofmann para mac

Then select "Silverlight"

hofmann para mac


Now choose myphotobook.uk and click by "run in unsafe mode"

hofmann para mac

Now we click by "Trust" 

hofmann for mac


Then click on "Ok" to finish the setting

hofmann for mac


Now you have to restart the browser and go to the Apple>> System preferences

hofmann for mac


Click on "Security and privacy" and go to the "General" tab as you see in the following image: 

hofmann for mac

Click on the "Lock" icon, write your user´s name, your password an click the "unlock" button. 

hofmann for mac


Go to "Alow apps downloaded from..." and select "anywhere" and click on the button "Allow any site". 

Hofmann for mac

Finally click on the icon "lock" to finish the configuration. Now you can install Hofmann software on your Mac!!! 


Apple has recently updated its Mac operating system. This update can cause some problems when you try to install Hofmann on your Mac. You are probably getting a message similar to this one, saying that he installation failed.

message Hofmann for mac


In that case you have to modify privacy settings. To get there, just click on the apple (top left) and click "System Preferences". Then, click on "Privacy and Security" and the "General" tab is where you should change the check that we have indicated in this image. 

privacy Hofmann for mac

If you are using Mountain Lion Version of Mac OS you should do this before installing: 

  • Go to privacy options, click on the apple (top left) and then in "system preferences". Go to "Privacy and security" and in the "General" tab change the check "allow applications downloaded from: anywhere". 

Compatibility notes

  • The Mac version does not support iPhone and iPad operating systems. 
  • To be able to install our program Silverlight is required. Mac based on "Power PC" processor are no supported by Silverlight. 
  • Silverlight can be installed on the following operating systems: 
    • Software: Mac OS 10.4.11 + (Intel-based)
    • Hardware: Macintosh (Intel-based) Intel Core Duo 1.83-gigahertz or higher processor with 512 MB of RAM. 

Silverlight notes: 

Our software requires installation from version 5 of Silverlight. If this problem occurs during the software installation, you can downloaded form the official website:  http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=149156&v=5.0.61118.0

After installing Silverlight 5, you can download our software as you were doing previously. 


Once you have designed your Hofmann Photobook you can order it by the internet and in a few days it will be already at home.

  • To place your order, just click on "Order". This process is irreversible so ensure that your project is ready to order. Click on "Next".

 Confirmación de hacer pedido

  • Wait a couple of minutes while the program is compilating your photobook.

Compilación pedido Hofmann 


  •  Once your project is already compiled the program starts sending it over the Internet. If you have a good connection this process will take a few minutes but may take longer if the connection you have is slow.

enviar pedido hofmann 


  • Now a new screen will appear to inform us that we are going to connect to a secure payment gateaway. Click on "Next".

Pasarela de pago seguro 


  •  Then you have to fill your personal data. We cannot forget to accept the privacy terms before clicking "Next" button.

Datos personales 

  •  On the next screen, mark "send to home address" option to show the address or addresses where you want us to send you the photobook. Click on "next" button. 




  • Fill in your shipping address. Click on "next".

datos envío hofmann 


  •  We can check now if our order is ok. If our data are correct, click on "next".

 Confeccion del pedido hoffman


  • We are already finishing our order. Before paying we have to "confirm" and "continue".

resumen de pedido 


  • Then we have to proceed with the payment order. Write down your credit card number.

Datos tarjeta de crédito 

  •  Once accepted the payment order, you get the proof of payment. In about 5 days you will receive your Hofmann product at home. It is advisable to keep your order number. You will need if there is any problem with your photobook or to check your order status. 

comprobante de pago

Hofmann for Mac Tutorial

  • The first time we open Hofmann Program we will see a screen with "New Project" and "Open Project" options.

Nuevo proyecto Hofmann para Mac

  • Click on "New Project" and choose the type of project you want to design. In this tutorial we will choose "Digital Photobook">> "Classic" (Digital Print).

Seleciona el producto hofmann para Mac

  • In the next window we will choose the number of pages we want and click on "Create a new photobook" option. We should write a name for our photobook and click on "OK" button. 

Crear album nuevo

  • Now we can see the main screen where we can design our Hofmann photobook. To get the pictures to use on your project just click on "Import Photos".

Importar fotos

  • We can select a entire folder or individual pictures. Drag the folder or the photos to the white space that is on the right side of the screen and click on the "OK" button to import your pictures.

Seleccionar fotos

  • Once you have selected your favourite pictures you can start to design your Hofmann Photobook. Choose one of the templates for the cover. At the bottom we have different tabs. The default tab is "Covers". To select a different template you only need to click on it and drag it to the screenshot.

Seleccionar plantilla tapas

  • Now that we have selected a templatewe need to add the pictures. To add a photo to your photobookyou just have to click on it and drag it to the area of ​​the template where you want to put it. 

Seleccionar fotos tapas album

  • Our photobook covers are ready! Now we have to design our photobook pages. Click on the arrow to go to the page you want to edit. The first two cannot be edited because they will be left empty. To edit the inside pages, just repeat the process we did to choose a template for the cover. Click on "page templates" or "double templates" tab and choose the template you like by dragging it over the screenshot area.

Seleccionar plantillas hofmann para mac

  • Once you have selected a template you can start to put the pictures on the page. To place a picture in your photobook just drag it form the left to the area where you want to place it. If you want to put a picture as a page background, just drag it to a white area.

Seleccionar fotos hofmann paginas


  • Once your photobook is finished you can order it. Check here how to order a Hofmann Photobook.


To start designing Hofmann photobooks on your Macintosh you should download Hofmann software by writing your e-mail address in the box required and click "Submit". The screen that you´ll see will look like this:

Descarga Hofmann para mac

Once you have completed and submitted your information, the display will show the download Silverlight image, a browser plugin required to run Hofmann for Mac. Then click on the "Click to install now" button.

 Descarga Silverlight

Once you have downloaded Silverlight, you have to complete the installation. To do this, just click "continue" on the next windows. Finally a window like this one will appear:

 descargar silverlight hofmann para mac

Write down your user name and password and click "OK". At this point start Silverlight installation and once it´s done, the program alerts you with a message that "installation was successful". Click on "Close" button and finally click on "Install":

Instalar Hofmann para mac

In the next window you need to confirm you want to install Hofmann program on your Mac. Click "OK" to start downloading. Once the process finished, this window will appear:

Descarga Hofmann para Mac

Click on "Open the Downloads folder." To start the installation, the program will request your email address. It is very important that you enter the same email you used on the web when you registered. Write it down, click "Next" to start installing. If at this moment a window asks you for the Hofmann registration code write this number 410767 and then click "Next" as shown in the picture.

codigo registro programa hofmann

At this point installation will be ready. For further information check the tutorial Hofmann for Mac.

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