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They are the most usual on the Windows environment and they allow a quick access to the most frequent software functions. They are the following:

Icons Toolbar

  • New: To open a new project.
  • Open: To open an already existing project.
  • Save: To save the project in a folder.
  • Undo: when you click on this icon you “undo” the last action carried out. The number of times you can undo is unlimited.
  • Redo: Recover the last “undone” action so many times as you “undid” it.
  • Explorer: hides and shows alternatively the Windows explorer to select the folder with the photos.
  • Edges: allows the addition of a white or coloured edge to the photo with a variable largeness. We recommend this option in cases of dark backgrounds or when different photos are superposed.
  • Number of Pages: Press this icon to change the number of pages of your photo book to whatever of the given options.
  • Preview: Allows the visualization of the project to have a look of its final result. It also permits to advance or move back over the pages, and modify their preview size.
  • Order: once your project has been finished press this button. First, the software will indicate if any page has remained without photos. If pertinent, return to the page(s) indicated and check it. Then, the software will ask for your conformity to save the project, which is highly recommended to keep a field of the project. At that time the assistant will start the order, the sending of the project field online and the safe payment process with VISA or MASTERCARD.
  • Prices: press this icon to establish a connection with the Hofmann website prices section.
  • Quick help: allows the knowledge of the most interesting functions of the 5 minutes!
  • Help: press this icon to establish a connection to download the User Manual from the Hofmann website.
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