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Framed Prints (60x80)
Framed Prints (60x80)
Framed Prints (60x80)
Framed Prints (60x80)
Framed Prints (60x80)
Framed Prints (60x80)
  • Measurements: 60x80 cm.
  • Print: Digital.
  • Admit texts: Yes.
  • Image edition: Yes.
  • Delivery term: within 9 and 11 business days.
  • 0 €.

Framed Prints (60x80)

Hofmann Framed Prints will turn your pictures into art. Available in 3 sizes.

Hofmann Framed Prints turn your pictures into art!!

Why buy Hofmann Framed Prints?
Because your pictures will look better than ever!!!


  • Allows text, templates, backgrounds and masks.
  • Digital printing.
  • 12 different kind of frames available.

60x80 cm.

Starting at €72.00


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Cuadro Hofmann (60x80)

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