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Would you like to download Hofmann software? Here you will find information about how to install and download Hofmann software. Download Hofmann is for free by clicking on the right button.


Our program uses a Microsoft program and proves if it is installed on your computer. If you do not have it, it tries to download them automatically but can be a problem in the connection or in the process of installation.

The best optiom in this case is:

  • Go to "Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs" and uninstall everything you have Microsoft. NET Framework (If you are using Windows Vista the option is "Control Panel / Programs and Features").
  • Uninstall also Hofmann software. To check proper uninstall do the following:
  • Delete the desktop shortcut (the red H)
  • Go to the folder My Computer / C Drive / Program Files. Delete the folder called Hofmann.
  • Check if you have enough space on your hard drive. You need at least 100MB for the program (for files of the ohoto books that you design you need much more. Calculates around 500 Mb per album)
  • Download from here and install the Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0
  • Then go to this page and install the Service Pack 1 for Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0
  • Then download Hofmann software.
  • If the program asks you for the activation code follow the instructions on the registration code activation hofmann

When the download window  appears, just select Run and follow the installation instructions.

If the problem remains copy the error by pressing the "Print Screen" then open any program you have installed on your computer images, word, excel, and paste it by attaching it to an email addressed to Customer Service: info (at )

 If you have trouble uninstalling. NET Framework dotnetfx_cleanup_tool can download the program to remove any trace of version 2.0, and then reinstalling.

Once downloaded, run the program and the program must select screen:

1) Product to Cleanup: Default will be ". NET Framework - All Versions" and select. NET Framework 2.0
2) Click on the "Cleanup Now"

When you have completed the steps you can reinstall the Net Framework 2.0 from here.

Apple has recently updated its Mac operating system. This update can cause some problems when you try to install Hofmann on your Mac. You are probably getting a message similar to this one, saying that he installation failed.

message Hofmann for mac


In that case you have to modify privacy settings. To get there, just click on the apple (top left) and click "System Preferences". Then, click on "Privacy and Security" and the "General" tab is where you should change the check that we have indicated in this image. 

privacy Hofmann for mac

If you are using Mountain Lion Version of Mac OS you should do this before installing: 

  • Go to privacy options, click on the apple (top left) and then in "system preferences". Go to "Privacy and security" and in the "General" tab change the check "allow applications downloaded from: anywhere". 

Compatibility notes

  • The Mac version does not support iPhone and iPad operating systems. 
  • To be able to install our program Silverlight is required. Mac based on "Power PC" processor are no supported by Silverlight. 
  • Silverlight can be installed on the following operating systems: 
    • Software: Mac OS 10.4.11 + (Intel-based)
    • Hardware: Macintosh (Intel-based) Intel Core Duo 1.83-gigahertz or higher processor with 512 MB of RAM. 

Silverlight notes: 

Our software requires installation from version 5 of Silverlight. If this problem occurs during the software installation, you can downloaded form the official website:

After installing Silverlight 5, you can download our software as you were doing previously. 


Hofmann for Mac version is already available. Now it´s possible to download Hofmann for mac from Do it and start creating your favourite photo books.

In the following links you will find all you need to download and start using Hofmann Software on your Mac:


Foto hofmann para mac


For further information, contact to our customer service and we will aswer you ASAP. i

Software downloading

  • Hofmann downloading is very simple, you just need click on the “Download Hofmann Software” button, then select “Run” and follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  • With DSL connection Hofmann Downloading will be finished in about four minutes. By modem connection may take an hour.
  • Once you have downloaded the software, Hofmann program is available for use. Just double click on the “Hofmann” icon that will be installed on your desktop.
  • If the program asks you for the activation code follow the instructions from the activation Hofmann code site.

Hofmann Softwareis an intuitive, fast and simple program to design photobooks and digital posters. After creating your project on your computer, will be sent by the internet to our photo centre and then printed and sent to the address requested.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium II 400 MHzProcesor
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB
  • Disk free space: 1 GB
  • Monitor colours: 24 bits

Recommended Hardware requirements:

  • Intel Pentium III 1000 MHz Procesor
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB
  • Disk free space: 2 GB
  • Monitor colours: 24 bits

Operating systems allowed:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Seven

For previous operating systems download a precedent version at:

The system updating is recommended. Last downloads and updatings are available at:

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