I can not download the Hofmann program

asked Feb 15, 2017 by tat250


I can't download the hofmann program on my computer. It says failed.

Thank you,


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answered Feb 15, 2017 by Mar136

Hello Anna,

Here are the possible reasons for the error:

The file has not been completely downloaded. You should download it again, but first clear the cache of the web browser (We advise you to do it in Internet Explorer). To do this, go to the internet explorer (the browser, a blue "e" icon) in the TOOLS menu -> INTERNET OPTIONS and in the GENERAL tab in the EXPLORATION HISTORY section select DELETE and delete Temporary Files and Cookies .

When you have performed these steps open the browser again and download the version from this link: Download Hofmann program.

You do not have rights to install and access the indicated temporary folder. When executing the installation setup, you must do it with the option: Run as administrator (with the right mouse button).

That the Windows Installer (Windows component to install applications) is malfunctioning. You should install the latest version from the following link: Windows Installer.

With any of these 3 points should work, we advise you to follow the steps in the order indicated, once you finish each point you should test if the installation works. Anyway if in spite of following the steps above you put some error on the screen I thank you to send us the error by email doing the following:

When you have the error on the screen, press the key ImpPant of your keyboard.

Open the Word or similiar program of text editing.

Use the Paste (Ctrl + V) option to have the screen copy in the file.

You save it and send it us from the option Customer Service of our web.

Best regards,

Customer service.

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