Do I need to download the last version of the Hofmann program?

asked Jan 25, 2017 by mul250


I have made a mini album on apparently the old program. When I wanted to send it off I had to download the new version. Now it wont let me send this mini album off, it says discontinuing. How can I resend this album?

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answered Jan 25, 2017 by Mar136

Hello Muller,

We will try to erase all traces of the Hofmann program and reinstall it again:

I want to remind you that updating or installing a new version does not delete the projects of the digital albums that you have already done, these are in MY DOCUMENTS / MYHOFMANN, or in some other directory that you indicated during the installation of the program.

We begin:

Click on Start / Settings / Control Panel / Add or Remove Programs. There, we selected Hofmann Digital Album and press the Remove button. If there were more than one we would have to remove them all.

Then we go to My Computer / C / Program Files folder. There you will find a folder called Hofmann, delete it. (Important!)

Then click on Start / Run. In the text box we will write the word "regedit" and we will click Accept.
A Windows window will open, where you will have to look for the following routes:

On both routes, you will find the Hofmann folder. Eliminate them.

Finally, download the latest version of the hofmann program from our website:  and install it.

Best regards,

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