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asked Mar 23, 2016 by Mar136
How can i turn a classic photobook into a minibook??

1 Answer

answered Mar 23, 2016 by Mar136

You can turn your digital classic photobook into a minibook but you have to keep in mind that a minibook can only have a certain number of pages (22, 30, 38 or 46 pages)

To make the change you should only follow these steps:

  • Open your project and make a copy (click on File >>Save as)
  • Now it´s time to convert the photobook. Click on Tools >> Transform into a minibook.
  • By clicking on "Transform into a minibook" the program assistan will be opened, just click on "Next".
  • Accept and save your project.
  • Now that your project is already saved, we should press again on Tools>>Transform into a minibook.
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